Some free advice for anyone wanting to record

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Want to D.I.Y.?

Thinking of recording yourself? Read this first.

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Quality doesn't have to cost a fortune.

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Should you Do It Yourself?

It is now possible to buy a portable digital multitrack recorder or computer interface for less than R6000. There are also several cheap Asian-manufactured microphones on the market. Should you make you own "garage" recording this way?

My view is that these cheaper tools are great for a bit of songwriting or a quick demo. However, knowing how to use the equipment is nearly as important as what you buy. Without good knowledge of mic selection, placement, gain settings and more, it is easy to produce a lousy recording even with the best equipment.

All of my gear is carefully hand selected (over several years) to produce the best recordings possible. I know what sources each piece of gear will work well on. Many of these items are not available in your local music store, or are available only by special order.