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Want to D.I.Y.?

Thinking of recording yourself? Read this first.

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Quality doesn't have to cost a fortune.

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Quality audio recordings

Making a D.I.Y. recording has become a lot easier in recent years. Making a recording that sounds good, however, is actually a lot harder and more expensive than most would think.

If you want to make a recording that sounds good, but don't have thousands lying around in the bank, give me a call. I provide a location recording service in Cape Town that guarantees world-class results. All styles of music are catered for: classical accuracy, jazz sheen and metal grind are all understood and treated differently.

Despite competitive pricing, clients can be confident of obtaining recorded tracks that may be presented as-is to record labels anywhere in the world. Only the highest quality gear is used (Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, RME), ensuring sonic quality to satisfy audiophiles.

I am a qualified electronic engineer (BSc Eng, UCT and MEng, Stellenbosch University) and classically trained pianist.

If you would like to sell your music directly using the Internet, I can provide a complete web-based solution. Contact me for further details.

Updated: Genuine Hammond organ now available!



Demo tracks

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About the name

What does Q-Factor mean?

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