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I provide a location recording service. This means that you'll have to supply the location. Quiet places with good acoustics are recommended. If you have trouble finding a suitable location, I may be able to help out.

Classical and jazz performances are recorded using an acoustically accurate stereo pair of Neumann KM140 microphones. These capture every nuance and detail of the instrument (or voice) and room. Rock, metal and modern jazz bands are multitracked using a variety of high quality microphones from Sennheiser, Shure, Beyerdynamic and others. Available mixing facilities include compression, reverb, equalisation, autotune, special effects and even drum replacement and synth overdubs.

If you perform live using your own mixing desk, it is possible to interface to it to produce a live recording.

The end product is a (mixed) audio CD or AIFF data CD. The raw multichannel recordings can optionally be provided on DVD (industry standard AIFF or OMF files suitable for import into Pro Tools). If budget is an issue, mastering can be performed in-house, supplying you with a CD ready for duplication.

Tracks can be prepared for portable players (MP3, AAC, iPod) or digital downloads, and help is available to set you up to sell your music via the Internet.


I can produce background music for corporate and commercial videos, film and television, broadcast radio, music-on-hold, etc. Most styles are supported. Copyright placeholder music can be replaced with similar original material. Contact me for further details.


If you have a unique need or problem that isn't covered above, contact me to see if I can help.

Currently, I am available after 18h00 during the week, and anytime on weekends.